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Body Chains

Body chains and body jewelry have been worn by celebrities for years — think Amanda Bynes, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears. More recently, other celebs have been donning body chains as the perfect accessories for their current looks.

For example, Hailey Bieber wore a body chain to the beach. Lady Gaga accessorized a floss bikini  with a body chain as she appeared at the Cannes Film Festival. This trend isn’t just for beachy looks — Olivia Rodrigo wore a body chain on her spring 1995 Chanel suit when she visited the White House!

The body chain is a well-loved accessory that never goes out of style. Body chains come in many styles, but for the best results, let’s look at the main types available for any fashionistas:

Choker Style

This is a sexy body chain in the choker-necklace style with a glamorous-looking twist. This style of body chain offers the wearer a variety of styling options, and it often features an ornamental clasp at the front and a more minimalist design at the back.

Bra Style 

This chain style is perhaps the most popular. Inspired by a historical fad for bodices with deep décolletage and wide necklines, it takes jewelry to a new level of decadence in the current trends. Some designs even resemble actual bras, while others are lighter and more delicate — but no less sparkly!

Draped and Delicate 

With its delicate and simple overall style, this body chain looks great with any swimsuit. Made with classic chain styling, this watch also works well with your favorite pair of shorts and jeans — the versatility is endless.

The Thigh-high 

Designed to be worn with the chain wrapped around the thigh, this type of body chain is similar to the choker. It’s a bold, polished choice that provides a clever pop to your swimsuit or shorts. It is daring, yet feminine and delicate.

Dramatic & Gothic

This sparkling body chain boasts a simple chain with a ring design and dramatic scale at the back to mimic the human spine. This chain is the ideal way to make open-back dresses, catsuits, and shirts more glamorous.

Some people may find body chains to be an over-the-top form of jewelry, but we’re sure that they’re finding their way back on top of the hottest trend lists! We  believe they are a statement piece that can add shine to your appearance and make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Beach lovers, festival goers, club-goers, and fashionistas alike can wear body chains to make a simple outfit even more stunning. The design you choose depends on your personal style as body chains come in a wide range of designs and materials. What’s important is that it puts your own unique touch on the look you like, so you can feel as sexy and confident as your favorite style icons!


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