Full Body Consultation & Body Scrub

Full Body Consultations at Trilogy Medical Center, Murray, UT When it comes to esthetics, we know it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Our primary goal is to ensure you glow from the inside out, and our Full Body Consultation is the perfect starting point! This comprehensive 1-hour Full Body Consultation is designed […]

Sylfirm X

Microneedling With Radio Frequency What is Sylfirm X? The world’s first & only ID cleared Pulsed Wave and Continue Wave Radio Frequency Micro Needling device targeting both skin fasity and pigmentation for ultimate skin rejuvenation. Syftim has proven its effectiveness and satety through 25-clinical studies. Book Now One Device-Twelve Treatments Lifts and Tightens Skin LaxityTreats […]

The Emsella Incontinence Chair—A Fix for Incontinence

The Emsella Incontinence Chair—A Fix for Incontinence https://videos.growth99.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Emsella-Website-Video.mp4 Isn’t urinary incontinence so frustrating?? You’re in a meeting and you suddenly sneeze. Or, maybe you are at a business lunch and someone makes you laugh. Or maybe you get a cold and can’t stop coughing. You are always near a bathroom and I mean always. All […]


Emsculpt Emsculpt is the first and only treatment that improves both muscle tone and decreases fat at the same time. Trilogy Medical Center is one of the only providers of Emsculpt in Utah. Emsculpt uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy in a handheld device about the size of an iron. This is the first time […]


Cosmetologist botox filler injection | Trilogy Medical Center | Murray, UT

With age, we lose the elasticity in our skin. This creates wrinkles. No one wants to feel old and wrinkly, so doctors have found a way to slow down the process with something called fillers. Derma fillers are a class of injectables that, when used skillfully can be life-changing! Fillers can be used from everything […]

Hormone Therapy/Sexual Wellness Mens

Hormone Therapy/Sexual Wellness Mens | Trilogy Medical Center | Murray, UT

Book Now Cellutone Shockwave Therapy Acoustic Wave Therapy and Emsella Chair to effectively treat ED without drugs Wave therapy has been proven to be highly efficient in treating certain types of erectile dysfunction. Cellutone shockwave therapy increases blood flow to the penis and improves sexual health. Find out if this revolutionary male enhancement solution is the […]

Medical Weight Loss

Team | Trilogy Medical Center | Murray, UT

If you have struggled with food addiction and overeating, and have a large amount of weight to lose, then our medically assisted weight loss program may be for you. After a consultation with our Weight-Loss Provider, she will help decide if this route is right for you. Restrictions apply. VIRTUAL CONSULTATION Invest in a Healthier […]

IV Infusion Therapy / IM Injections

IV Infusion Therapy / IM Injections | Trilogy Medical Center | Murray, UT

IV Therapy is a delivery method for certain vitamins and fluids. Simply put, it boosts your nutrients directly in your bloodstream!This method allows the therapy to quickly move through the veins. Depending on the type of IV, this treatment can strengthen your immunity or even give you more energy. Book Now Immunity IV Bring back […]

Hormone Therapy/Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness services | Trilogy Medical Center | Murray, UT

Our lives are too short not to enjoy great sex! From Hormone Replacement Therapy to T-Shot treatments for women, Trilogy can help you have a more fulfilling and pleasurable sex life. Book Now Hormone Replacement Therapy Hormone Replacement Therapy uses natural hormones to improve your health. The treatment boosts hormone levels that may be depleted […]

Acne Treatments

At Trilogy Medical Center, we treat these conditions using a combination of treatments that have proven to be very effective in eliminating acne and reducing acne scarring.There are many options available when it comes to treatment. Whether you are struggling with active acne or old acne scarring, our providers are results-driven and will create a […]

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