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Cold Sculpting | Freeze Away Fat Cells

Cold Sculpting in Murray, UT | Trilogy Medical Center

Cold Sculpting | Freeze Away Fat Cells

Cold Sculpting, or Cool Sculpting, is a treatment that reduces stubborn fat bulges by freezing the fat cells to death. This is a non-invasive way to reduce fat in a safe, effective way. The results you receive from Cold Sculpting are all-natural and long-lasting.

Why Men and Women Choose Cold Sculpting

  • Non-invasive alternative to lipo
  • Scientifically backed to be safe and effective
  • Natural, long-lasting results
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Quick, easy 35-minute treatments
  • Sculpts attractive body curves
  • #1 fat reduction option on the market

The Science of Cold Sculpting Fat Bulges

Cold Sculpting refers to the CoolSculpting procedure. This is a revolutionary treatment that uses exclusive freezing technology to reduce fat. Cryolipolysis is an advanced cooling technology. When broken down, cryo + lipo + lysis translates into cold-induced + fat cell + death and removal. Cold Sculpting works because fat cells are not tolerant of freezing temperatures like skin cells.

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How Does Cold Sculpting Work?

When a stubborn bulge of fat is cold sculpted during a CoolSculpting treatment,  the fat cells become hard and brittle. Skin cells and surrounding tissue remain unaffected. These fat cells permanently freeze to death. This process causes the fat cell’s membrane to rupture, leaving the fat cell unable to do its job correctly. When this happens, the fat cell can no longer do its job. When this occurs, the cell will process out of the body as waste.

Cold Sculpting for Long Lasting Fat Reduction

Fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting or the surgical liposuction option should never be confused with your typical weight loss treatment. During weight loss, fat cells will release its stored fat. The cell does not become damaged, and it stays well within the body. ( In a sense, during weight loss, the fat cell simply shrinks. If the person losing weight begins to gain the weight back, the cell will start to re-expand and hold more fat.

When you look at fat reduction treatments like Sculpting, the fat cells are destroyed. The cell is exposed to a freezing temperature where it will freeze to death and rupture. Once it processes out of the body, the cell can never regrow or re-expand, as we see they can do with weight loss. This is why Sculpting provides such Long Lasting Results unlike weight loss treatments.

Cold Sculpting Yourself Skinny with Trilogy Medical Center

Don’t waste your time and money with weight loss treatments that only shrink your fat cells. Cold Sculpt the fat cells away for good with CoolSculpting. This revolutionary fat freezing treatment is available at Trilogy Medical Center. We have the most skilled, knowledgeable treatment specialists that will help you get the best fat reduction results possible. To schedule your free Cold Sculpting consultation, call us at (801) 747-2273.


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