Dear Moms

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Dear Moms

Mothers are undoubtedly important in our lives. They’re the ones who brought us into this world, and they’re the ones who will see us through whatever life has in store for us. However, we sometimes take them for granted and neglect to express our gratitude. We are so focused on growing up that we forget that our mother is also growing old. That’s why it’s important to always go back to the deepest part of our hearts and remember how much our mothers sacrificed and fought for us to become the person we are today.

Mother’s Love

The love of a mother is unconditional. We realize the meaning of unconditional love when we see a mother’s eyes for her child. Mother’s love is a profound, all-encompassing, all-accepting, nourishing, warm, safe, and supportive love that comforts the scared and lonely areas inside our hearts. When we are stressed, pressured, uncertain, and feel like we can’t handle what’s going on in our lives, it is our mother’s love that helped us get back to our feet.

When you think about when you were first hurt, when you first feel fear, and the first time being scared for your life, you will realize that it was your mother who provided you with the comfort and care that you need. With a simple hug from our mother, all of the heavy emotions in our hearts are instantly gone. 

If you think about the first time you faced your first major problem, you will realize that it was your mother who catches you with open arms and provides the warmth and comfort you need.

If you think about your first major decision, it was your mother who is there to support you and gives you strength. If you think about when you had your very first job offer or the first time you opened a business, it was your mother who congratulated you and very proud of you. 

Mother’s Sacrifice

Our mothers continually prioritize us, making us the most important person in their lives. It has always been more important to take care of us than anything else. We felt comfortable and secure knowing they were there for us anytime we needed them.

If you remember your first terrifying rainstorm experience, it is your mother who didn’t get time off of rocking you back to sleep and comforting you during the rainstorm. If you remember your first nightmare, you’ll realize that nothing consoled you more than your mother by allowing you to crawl into her bed. It was your mother who provided you with a safe and secure place to close your eyes and get a goodnight’s sleep.

If you recall getting sick for the first time, it was your mother who was there to care for you, prepare your meal, and give medicine. Even without any rest and sleep from working on other things, your mother is there to make sure you get better.

If it weren’t for mothers, this world would sound fairly hopeless. Life is indeed full of a variety of experiences, some of which are not so pleasant. We are confronted with these scenarios from the beginning, but it is the mother’s love, care, and comfort that ensures that in the end, good always triumphs.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year. Even if one day a year isn’t nearly enough to commemorate one of your most important people, Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to express your gratitude and spend quality time with the person who raised you. This Mother’s Day, remind yourself of how much your mother did for you, remember her sacrifices, and most importantly, show and remind your lovely mother how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you. 


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