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Does CoolSculpting Work?

Does CoolSculpting Work | Trilogy Medical Center in Murray, UT

All across Utah, more and more people are talking about CoolSculpting, a non-invasive treatment that freezes fat and helps your body look slimmer. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? What is this treatment? Does it really work? Who is a good candidate? Hopefully, this article can answer some of your questions.

For some people, CoolSculpting can be a life-changing treatment.

This is how CoolSculpting works. Each of us is born with a fixed number of fat cells. If you can get rid of fat cells, then the fat is gone and won’t grow back. CoolSculpting literally freezes pockets of fat on your body. Freezing fat cells kills them. Your body eliminates them and then they are gone forever. They do not grow back. CoolSculpting is able to get rid of fat cells without damaging muscle or other tissue surrounding it. After CoolSculpting, your body will naturally get rid of dead fat cells over time, usually over several months. With the fat cells gone in specifically targeted areas, those areas look more toned and more slim. (Xanax) The CoolSculpting procedure won’t help you drop pounds but will help you to look and feel better in your clothes.

CoolSculpting is a great treatment for people who are trying to eat right and exercise but still have those problem areas. Perhaps they have flabby underarms that won’t go away no matter how many pushups they do. Or maybe it’s the love handle area. It could be a double chin. CoolSculpting is perfect for targeting these areas. CoolSculpting is not the right treatment for people who are excessively overweight.

CoolSculpting sessions usually take an hour. When you do the procedure, you have a device attached to your skin that freezes the fat. It does feel cold and may hurt a little bit but most people can tolerate the procedure well. When you are done, you may feel a little bit sore but there is no downtime or recovery. You can just enjoy watching the treated area start to change over the next few weeks. CoolSculpting has very few side effects. The most common side effect is redness right after the procedure is done.

Bruising could happen but is rare.

Some people wonder if CoolSculpting really works over the long-term. The answer is yes, it can. If, after CoolSculpting, you continue to eat healthy food and live an active lifestyle, you will enjoy your new look for years to come. If, however, you become sedentary and overeat unhealthy foods, the remaining fat cells in your body will start to swell and you could look larger in those areas again, despite having fewer fat cells.

If you are considering CoolSculpting and are interested in knowing what it has done for others, ask to speak to former patients or look for online reviews. Talk to friends or acquaintances who have done CoolSculpting. At Trilogy, the CoolSculpting estheticians are a great resource, since they have done the procedure themselves and have helped many other people. Come in to Trilogy or check out some CoolSculpting FAQs to learn if this procedure is right for you.


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