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Get Ready for Warm Weather with Laser Hair Removal

Get Ready for Warm Weather with Laser Hair Removal | Trilogy Medical Center in Murray, UT

Are you sick of snow? We’ve had so much snow in Salt Lake City, Utah, this year. Some of us have probably been doing the human version of hibernating with our fuzzy socks, Netflix remote, and hot chocolate. Others of us may have been hibernating at the gym in a yoga or cycling class. Believe it or not, summer, blue skies, and sunshine are right around the corner! Most pools around Salt Lake City, Utah open Memorial Day weekend, which is just two months away. It’s time to start getting ready for all the outdoor fun–swimming, boating, and hanging out by the pool in a super cute swimsuit.

Have you gotten one for this season, yet? If you haven’t, it is time!

Any thoughts of cute swimsuits may also make you think of the not-so-pleasant aspects of the swim season like razor burn in the bikini area. Who doesn’t despise that? Is there anything worse? It’s got to be the most hated parts of summer. Instead of dealing with this problem all over again this year, why not eliminate it from your life altogether? After all, you’ve got more important things to worry about.

We’ve got a solution to this annoyance that you are going to love—zapping that unwanted hair once and for all. Laser hair removal has got to be one of the top 10 inventions of the 21st Century. As women, we don’t have to endure unwanted hair any more. We can get rid of it forever with laser hair removal It is SO worth it.

Laser hair removal is oh, so easy. You come in, we zap your unwanted hair, and voila, it is gone. When we zap the hair, the beam of light from the laser is absorbed into the hair, damaging and preventing its growth. Damaged hair follicles can’t grow new hair. Each zap treats an area of skin about the size of a quarter, so this treatment truly takes minutes.

Think, for a minute about other solutions you may have tried besides shaving like waxing, for example. Waxing the bikini line can take your breath away! Ouch! It looks great for a week and then it doesn’t. You have to do it again. And again. The hair keeps growing back. Laser hair removal keeps the hair gone.

You may be wondering how laser hair removal works and if it hurt. Laser hair removal is virtually painless. During this quick treatment, you may feel some heat on your skin but most laser machines also blow cold hair as they zap, eliminating most pain. Afterward, the area lasered may be red but this usually fades within minutes. Your skin can feel a little bit sensitive afterward, kind of like a sun burn. Cooling it with ice or putting on some aloe vera gel will usually take care of most after effects.

Most people get permanent hair removal within 4-6 sessions about a month apart, so now is a great time to get started to be ready for the summer months. At Trilogy, we are all about helping you feel good about your body, so check out our Body Shop to find out what else you can do to get your body ready for warmer weather. Right now we have an amazing hair removal package on sale right now that will make this procedure even more affordable and more tempting!


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