How do I choose the right Facial?

We frequently get asked by our clients, “Out of the many services you offer, what is your most popular?” While Coolsculpting fat removal is a close second, facials are by far our most popular. The reason for this are 3-fold, 1) excellent staff, our aestheticians are the best in the business, 2) variety, we offer 12 different facials so there is something for every skin type or problem, and, 3) the experience. Our beautiful office immediately sets the tone for a relaxing and pampering experience from the minute you walk through the door.

Below are some of the most common questions our clients ask about facials in Salt Lake City.

What can I expect during a Trilogy Facial?

You will be welcomed by our amazing staff, offered a beverage and given any paperwork or consent forms that are needed. Then you’ll be taken back into a beautiful room, where you can lay down and relax during your facial. Your aesthetician will take time to listen to your needs and concerns and explain the steps she will be taking during your facial. If you haven’t already decided on the facial you want she will suggest one that fits your skin type and will give you the results you’re looking for.


How do I know which facial is right for me?

We offer a variety of facials because everyone’s needs are different, and those needs can vary with climate change. What you want to ask yourself is, what are my goals? What are my skincare needs? Are there any concerns that I want to address? Our master aestheticians will help you through this process, assess your skin and make a recommendation. They are the professionals and can tell you how to treat dry skin, sunspots, or large pores. They will help you choose a facial accordingly.


What is your most popular facial?

Our most popular facial is the Hydrafacial. Everyone can benefit from it and there is zero downtime. The hydrafacial has 4 steps that every skin type will benefit from; 1) Cleansing and exfoliation, 2) acid peel, 3) extraction with a gentle suction, and 4) hydration. It is the ultimate facial and will leave you with smooth skin and an amazing glow.


How often should I get a facial? Is it beneficial to get a facial every month? How long do the benefits last?

Facials are most beneficial when done once a month. Your skin turns over new skin cells every 4-6 weeks and its best to treat those new skin cells every time in order to prevent and correct any damage. The hydrafacial is a facial that many of our clients get on a monthly basis. We can book your monthly appointments out so you can be assured a time that is always convenient for you. The benefits of a monthly facial will last 2-3 weeks (dependent on the facial sometimes months), when paired with good home care and the right skin care products the benefits will last much longer! Our master aestheticians can help you with a skin care regimen that is tailored to your needs.

To learn more about facials in Salt Lake City, visit our facials page and read about the benefits of each.