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How to Choose an Injector

How to find the right beauty spa injector | Trilogy Medical Center | Murray, UT

Today, you have many options for enhancing your beauty. Injectables such as Juvederm and Sculptra, just to name a few, have gotten increasingly popular. They are quicker, cheaper, and less invasive than surgery. You can decrease wrinkles and sagging skin or enhance lips and other facial features almost instantly. Choosing the right person to administer these injectables is very important. Getting the right person can make all the difference between getting the results you want vs. the results you don’t.

What do I look for in an injector?


Look for someone who will take the time to listen to you and thoroughly understand your medical history and your aesthetic desires. You need someone who will give you an honest assessment, even if their business makes less money. A good injector will take the time to educate you about procedures and give you time to think about them at home. You should never feel pressured to do a procedure. Also, it may be beneficial to choose someone who takes a conservative approach to any procedure that alters your appearance. Starting with small amounts of products that are reversible is a good way to go as you build trust with your practitioner. What about personality and bedside manner? How comfortable do you feel with this practitioner? Do you trust this practitioner? You are allowing this person to alter your face and/or body and you must be comfortable with him or her.

Education & Training

Training in injection methods is obviously important to getting the results you want. MDs, nurses specializing in injections, and master aestheticians specializing in injections will all have some of the necessary training. Ask your potential injector if they do any ongoing training on existing products or on new products. Ask about their training history. A good injector will go to training on a regular basis and will be knowledgeable on the latest products and techniques.


The more experience, the better. Find out how long your practitioner has been doing injections and how many injections they have done safely and satisfactorily. Administering injections is a skill that you have to practice to perfect. (Xanax) How many portfolio images does this injector have? Do you like the results? What about online reviews? Are the online reviews mostly positive? Check out the website of the spa where they work to see their online portfolio and reviews. What about accolades? Has your injector received any awards?


Choosing an injector based on the cheapest price can lead to disaster. Practitioners who are willing to offer deep discounts are usually the ones who are brand new and trying to build a clientele or make a quick buck with no thought to the end result. The injectors who are experienced are more than worth the price they charge.

At Trilogy Medical Center, we don’t offer Groupons or deep discounts for a reason. You are paying for high-level expertise and quality of care. We are happy to give you pricing, but know that there are more important thing built into that cost other than just the product.


Red flags—avoid injectors that do these!

  • Won’t identify what’s in an injectable. You should know exactly what is altering your body.
  • Unwilling to discuss the risks and benefits of a procedure or take the time necessary to educate you and answer all your questions. Every procedure and product has pros and cons. You must be as educated as possible before a procedure.
  • Pressures you to do a procedure you are not comfortable with.
  • Over-injects. Injects too much too quickly.

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