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Introducing the Piercing Studio by Trilogy

Introducing the Piercing Studio By Trilogy Medical Center in Murray, UT

The Piercing Studio by Trilogy. It is here. It is the moment.

Ear piercings have only become more prominent, and as the industry grows, Trilogy has chosen to grow with it.

Whether you are into cartilage, or tragus, or just a simple lobe, Trilogy can do it! Embellish your ears to add more personality to your style.

Whether you are a silver queen or a gold goddess, The Piercing Studio offers a variety of different metals and gems.

Plan your visit now or simply add on a piercing appointment to your next treatment.

With a variety of styles and placement options, Trilogy’s certified piercing specialists will map out your ear-piercing placements to best match your look! All piercings include post-care instructions and products. Call us at 801.747.2273 to schedule your piercing appointment at The Piercing Studio by Trilogy!


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