IV Therapy

Salt Lake City, Utah

IV Therapy is a delivery method for certain vitamins and fluids. Simply put, it boosts your nutrients! Wondering where the nutrients goes in the body? Directly into the bloodstream! This method allows the therapy to quickly move through the veins. Depending on the type of IV, this treatment can strengthen your immunity or even give you more energy. 


Refresh = $179

Give your body and mind a mega-boost with our Refresh IV Therapy cocktail including magnesium, vitamin c, and more such as B-12 vitamins. B-12 is essential for your brain function as it fights away fatigue and achieves mental-clarity!



Rejuvenate = $189

Bring back life into your skin, hair, and nails with our Rejuvenate IV cocktail. This IV includes a wide variety of vitamins, such as vitamin c and calcium, but most importantly Biotin to focus in on overall collagen production – skin and hair health!


Restore = $199

What everyone wants more of – immunity! You can have it with our Restore IV cocktail. Including the essentials like vitamin c, magnesium, calcium, and glutathione – this IV is a must have to keep your body healthy and happy.


Glutathione = $25

Glutathione is a peptide found naturally within the body. It has the ability to promote body function, health, and overall mood/well-being. Though Glutathione is included in our Restore IV to help boost your immunity, it can also be added on to our Rejuvenate IV or Refresh IV for only $25! Not sure? Ask one of our Trilogy nurses if Glutathione is a good booster for you at your next IV Therapy treatment!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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