Meet The Cool Girls Duo Kat and Kirsten

I feel so lucky to have gotten to sit down with Kat Sanchez and Kirsten Ostgard, Trilogy’s CoolSculpting specialists.

These ladies love lighthearted puns and banter but care deeply about their patients’ happiness. If you come to Trilogy for CoolSculpting not only are you in good hands, but you will be in their hearts as well.

Q. What do you like about working at Trilogy?

Kirsten: Even though we offer a lot of different services, we really are a small team, just like a family. I love that. We also have the most amazing clients. Trilogy seems to attract really great people. And I love that we offer so much. We really are a one-stop shop!

Kat: I completely agree!

Q. Describe your aesthetics training and background.

Kirsten:I have worked for over 10 years in aesthetics. I have been a makeup artist for TV and film but have been focusing on CoolSculpting since coming to Trilogy over a year ago. I have always been interested in CoolSculpting and even attended CoolSculpting University where I learned about the latest machines and applicators.

Kat:I have worked in the beauty industry for 9 years and have done CoolSculpting for the last 6 years in Las Vegas. I moved back to Utah about 6 months ago and teamed up with Kirsten. Everyone teases us that we look like sisters and were meant to work together. I totally believe that. Kirsten and I are great friends and are almost the same person. Ha!

Kirsten:CoolSculpting came out in 2007, so Kat has been doing it almost as long as it has been on the market. She is so knowledgeable.

Q. What is the advantage in getting both of you?

Kirsten: We work together so well. Sometimes we’ve jokingly compared what we do to a pit crew on a race track. We work together so well, each of us knows what the other is doing, even without words. We work quickly to “deflate” whichever areas you are working on. Ha!

Kat: We are a power team. When you come to Trilogy you have 2 super skilled people working together. We are always in the CoolSculpting room helping each other, bouncing ideas off each other. We don’t compete against each other for clients. We want our clients to be well cared for and either of us or both of us together do that. It’s like we are one person. You get a two for one!

Q. What brings you the greatest satisfaction with doing CoolSculpting?

Kirsten: I love it when people get CoolSculpting done and then come back and see their transformation. Some people work so hard with diet and exercise and still have trouble spots. We’ve had people come in to see their results and just tear up. It makes tears come to my eyes just thinking about that.

Kat: It really does change people’s lives! This may surprise you, but many of our clients are men and for them to have this, it’s amazing. They work so hard but still have these stubborn areas of fat that they just can’t lose. They feel bad about it. CoolSculpting takes the fat and the pain away. It’s incredible that it is so easy. People that were ashamed of their bodies now feel proud of their bodies. It is so confidence building. People are so happy about it—99% of the time!

Q. What sets you apart from other technicians/places that do CoolSculpting?

Kirsten: One thing we do well is to help our clients manage their expectations. I think some places out there say, “It’s easy and you’ll have a six-pack.” For us, we want to help clients to feel better being themselves. We aren’t going to change them completely but we want them to be a better version of themselves.

Kat: In a way, we help them create their own treatment plans. If clients want take it slow and just do a little bit, we will let them do that. It is NOT a pressure sell. We do not oversell and under deliver. We are very cautious of that. We help create an obtainable treatment plan. Doing so is very important to us.

Kirsten: We don’t want to just slap an applicator on. We ask clients, “What are you goals?” “What is your desired outcome?” “How can we help you get to your goals?”

Q. What are the most popular areas that everyone wants CoolSculpting for?

Kirsten: Men often want their sides and abdomen. We do some chins. For women it really varies. Bra line is popular and sides. We do everywhere though—knees, inner thighs, and outer thighs. We do anywhere from the chin to the knees.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

Kirsten: I’m going to answer for Kat and she can answer for me. Kat is really natural and loves to be home. She loves to cook organic food. She loves making her home—homey and beautiful.

Kat: Kirsten loves to travel and be outside. In fact, Kirsten just got some blowup paddleboards.

Kirsten: I can’t wait to use them!

Kat: I love to be outside, too. I have a boat and love to wakeboard!

Q. What’s your biggest beauty secret?

Kirsten: Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is so great for detoxing. I also love Retinol.

Kat: My beauty hack that I think should be a public service announcement is if you get a sunburn, put apple cider vinegar on it every 30 minutes until you go to bed. You will wake up the next morning with no sunburn! It’s miraculous!