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The New Vamp-Glow Facial In Salt Lake City

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Guys and Gals in the Salt Lake Area, Trilogy would like to present a brand-new facial that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! We’d like to introduce the all new Vamp-Glow Facial.

This new facial combines a state-of-the-art IPL treatment, coupled with a vamp facial with plasma blood. This facial is a game changer! You’ve seen what a magic eraser sponge can do for cleaning right? (Xanax) Well, this new facial does the same thing for your face! The Vamp-Glow, wipes the slate clean and leaves your skin looking beautiful and flawless for months. Want to know more? Here’s the science behind the Vamp-Glow Facial.

Let’s first talk about the IPL treatment and why we love it.

The IPL treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technologies have been around for about 20 years in Salt Lake City and can be used to safely and effectively remove age spots, unwanted hair, to improve wrinkles, and the appearance of blood vessels, says Dr. David Goldberg in an article published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

You hear all the time about IPL lasers. IPL devices, are actually not lasers. Instead they are “high intensity light sources,” says Dr. Goldberg. They work similar to lasers in that they use light and heat to “destroy” targeted tissue. But because of the way it uses light, the ILP can treat a number of different conditions.

When an IPL device targets problem areas like broken blood vessels or age spots, for example, these areas are “destroyed” and are reabsorbed by the body, leaving clear, beautiful healthy looking skin.

IPL can lighten and reduce redness, rosacea and flushing. It can target brown blotches on the skin, age spots, and sun spots on the face or any area of the body.

It can improve skin texture and reduce poor size through collagen production.

We could go on and on. The IPL device offers so many benefits to your skin.

With this treatment, expect some downtime. You can wear makeup after the treatment but dark spots will get darker for a few days to a week before they disappear.

The IPL technology by itself is a miracle worker. When you combine it with the Vampire Facial, the results are even more amazing.

So what exactly is the Vamp Facial? What is the science behind it?

The Vamp and Plasma Blood

The Vampire Facial involves taking a blood sample and spinning it in a centrifuge. The platelets in your blood are separated out and condensed to form plasma (Platelett Plasma Blood). Plasma blood can have amazing healing properties for your skin. In fact, a team of doctors from South Korea published a study in the Annals of Dermatology. Their findings recommend plasma as as effective treatment to be used following a light treatment like a laser or IPL because of its rejuvenating effects. It will surprise you how much plasma blood can help your skin to look healthier and younger.

So, to sum it up, you get redness, blotches, acne, broken blood vessel and sun spots zapped with the IPL device. Then to further rejuvenate and heal your skin, you combine it with Plasma Blood Facial. At the end of the Vamp-Glow, your face cannot help but look it very best.
You are going to love your skin. Call us today. You will love this!


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