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Why You May Want Lip Filler

Lip Filler in Murray, UT | Trilogy Medical Center

Why You May Want Lip Filler

Have you ever considered Lip Filler but was unsure of the details that go into it? Lip Filler can be very beneficial when done the correct way. Lip Fillers restore and add volume to your lips. Simple. Fillers work in many ways to enhance and improve the state of your lips.

Lip Fillers can restore lips that may be dry, cracked, and overall in need of a boost. Lip Fillers also add volume to your lips, which often times provides a boost of self esteem and gorgeous plump lips.

During the procedure, Trilogy uses many tactics for distraction as well as for the best results. One thing Trilogy uses is Accuvein. (Alprazolam) Accuvein essentially is used to avoid “invisible” veins that may cause bruising. Accuvein allows your Lip Injector to navigate correctly in order to avoid as much bruising as possible.

You may be wondering about the post care of Lip Fillers. Post care is simpler than you might think. A few things to know ahead of time are that your lips will be swollen. This is very normal and goes across the board for everyone, your lips will look different during the healing process vs. once they are completely healed. Post care is not complicated, but very useful when followed diligently. You will want to sleep on your back with your head elevated for 1-2 weeks after. You will also want to avoid aggressive kissing for 1 week! Trilogy highly suggests Alastin Post Injection Serum to use as a soothing balm during the healing process. Another reason you will want to be diligent with a soothing balm, is because your lips may be very dry during this time.

Lip Fillers are a great option for someone who may want fuller lips, but also one who may need a little bit of a boost to enhance their lips overall. For more information about Trilogy’s Lip Injection process, please give us a call at 801.747.2273. We would love to tell you more!


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