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Yag Laser Facial Treatment

Trilogy no longer performs this treatment. See Photofacial for a comparable treatment.

Is the Yag Laser Treatment Right for Me?

The only way to know is to consult with one or our master aestheticians and discuss your concerns and goals. Schedule a FREE initial consultation below to learn more.

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What symptoms are treated with the YAG laser?

Sun-damaged skin like sunspots and even freckles. All of us have this, whether it is from last summer or from skiing at high elevations. Sometimes fall/winter is described as “laser season” because it is a great time to get your skin looking great during a time of year with less sunlight. You can more easily treat and protect your skin.

Hair removal. These lasers SHINE in the hair removal category. They have been shown to be effective for a range of skin tones and hair types. For effective hair removal, plan on doing 2-6 treatments over the course of several months. Lasers damage hair follicles, so that hair can’t grow back.

Acne. These lasers can help acne by killing bacteria and disabling overactive oil glands in the skin. They can also help speed the healing process of your skin. Because they stimulate the body to produce collagen and elastin, the appearance of acne scarring is diminished.

Appearance of veins. Do you have visible spider veins on your face or on your legs? These lasers can take care of them in 1-3 treatments.

Wrinkles and fine lines. Again, they stimulate your body to “fill in” wrinkles and fine lines with collagen and elastin. The YAG and Alexandrite lasers are also great to combine with other treatments like chemical peels for even more dramatic skin rejuvenation.

Tattoo Removal.

Nail Fungus.

Yag Facial FAQs

How long does a treatment take?

Generally, a treatment takes 10-15 minutes. You are in and out

How much does a Yag Laser Treatment cost?

Laser skin treatment costs vary depending on the service the laser is used for. The popular Yag Facial where the laser treatment is only part of the facial is priced differently from the laser hair removal treatment that is sold as a package. We are happy to quote a price over the phone for a service you are interested in. Feel free to call us at 801-747-2273 to ask questions or to schedule a free consultation.

Is there aftercare?

Your skin may feel more sensitive for a few days. Make sure to use sunblock when you go outside.

What, if any, side effects should I expect?

You can expect some mild pain during the procedure. Your skin may be red after the procedure. Plan on using some aloe vera gel and some ice right after the procedure. Everyone is different, but usually within an hour the redness is gone and your skin looks normal.

Can the Yag Laser be used on sensitive skin?

The Yag Laser is one of the more gentle laser treatments available, however the only way to know is to consult with one of our laser specialists who can treat a small area to determine if the Yag laser is appropriate for your entire face and neck area.

What areas can be treated with the Yag Laser?

Typically patients treat their face, neck and decolletage, however we can treat other areas of concern. Ask one of Trilogy’s laser specials about the area you want treated.

How soon will I see results?

The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to regenerate. If brown spots are the target, the laser penetrates the skin to reach the pigment. The particles of the pigment left behind will peel or slough off within 7-14 days.

YAG Laser Treatment Demonstration

Watch as Yag Laser Specialist at Trilogy performs a yag laser treatment on a patients neck and chest.

If you’re interested in this effective, anti-aging skin treatment, Trilogy Medical Center offers Yag Facials to patients throughout the Utah area. Our skincare specialists have the tools and knowledge to improve the quality of your skin. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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