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OK gals, it is time to talk vaginas. We all have one, unless of course you’re a man, in which case you probably have females in your life with vaginas, so you are welcome here too. Truth is, we are all aging. Our faces, our breasts, our thighs, our butts, and yes, our vaginas are all getting older, more wrinkled, saggy, looser and well…tired.

We drop hundreds of dollars keeping our faces taut and smooth, spend endless hours at the gym to keep the rest of our body parts up off the floor, but what about our vaginas?

Our lady parts have seen us through first loves, our teen years, menstruations, childbirth, well-endowed lovers (oh dear), menopause, and more. Yes, your vagina has been through a lot. ( It is tired. You might even pee a little when you laugh or attempt a burpee at your bootcamp class. And no, your man hasn’t “shrunk”… your vagina is just tired and wants to relax instead of holding on tight and enjoying the ride! It might even feel dry, irritated and angry because of menopause. The poor thing. It might be time for a little vaginal pampering girls! Every woman deserves to have a tighter, more resilient, happy vagina. So what are our options aside from Kegels, which may or may not work… and who actually remembers to do them every single day? Fact: A lot of us perform the Kegel exercise incorrectly, rendering it utterly useless.

Sure there are gadgets like the Kegelmaster, Ben-Wa balls (little heavy metal balls) which you insert like a tampon, then go about your business and pray they don’t make an appearance while standing in line at Target. Yeah, you might have tried them all, with little to no success.

I hear Gwyneth Paltrow recommends “vaginal steaming”, a procedure which sounds a little like steaming your nether regions like a Chinese dumpling. Unsavory to be sure, plus it doesn’t tighten or affect the appearance of your vagina. I adore Ms. Paltrow, but no thanks honey.

We have all heard about “vagina rejuvenation”, a surgical procedure not to be taken lightly. You and your vagina go under the knife to “tighten and tone”. But to be honest, a lot of us are squeamish, and a little scared thinking about our most intimate of areas being cut on and reshaped. It is a great procedure for some, but what if you aren’t ready for that kind of invasive procedure? What other options are there? Well, you are in luck ladies. Finally! There is non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that is safe, quick, comfortable, no downtime, and offers relief from your vaginal problems after just one treatment. Trilogy Medical Center is proud to offer a revolutionary new laser called CORE Intima.

The CORE Intima is a simple procedure where a gentle laser delivers energy to your vaginal walls, which in turn, stimulates a healing response and enhances moisture levels. It actually helps to remodel the tissue fibers, which means your vaginal wall has more flexibility and an improved shape. Translation: Your vagina becomes tighter, and you won’t have to break out the K-Y every time you and your partner are in the throes of passion. Your internal muscles will be tighter and you won’t pee every time you laugh.

The CORE Intima can also help restore your vulva’s pigmentation, which can darken with age. If you have ever had a laser treatment on your face, you know that it can lighten age spots, stimulate collagen, leaving your face taut and toned right? The CORE Intima laser is like that, only for the vagina! Don’t you love technology? OK, here are some stats. Check this out.

  • 73% of women reported an improvement in sexual gratification
  • 75% of women reported an improvement in vaginal rejuvenation
  • 92% of women reported satisfaction with treatment and would recommend it


The experts say some women will only need one treatment to see and feel the best results. But those of you with kids, if you are going through menopause, or those of you with severe incontinence troubles, you might need the three recommended treatments.

Have questions? The knowledgeable staff at Trilogy Medical Center, are more than happy to answer all of your questions and are booking appointments now. (

Time to pretty the kitty, and have the vagina you deserve!

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