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A Closet Must-Have: White Tank Tops

Some fashion pieces are just must-haves in every woman’s closet, and topping that list is the classic white tank top.

Besides a good button-up shirt, a pair of denim jeans, and a little black dress, a white tank top is a bona fide staple. More importantly, it’s timeless and versatile. You can technically pair it with almost anything in your wardrobe, and you’ll look effortlessly on-point each time. For this reason, it’s become a styling essential for every woman. (Thedentalspa) But, before you can achieve the look that you want, you first need to find the perfect white tank top for you. (kbeautypharm) Let us tell you, this is not an easy task.

With so many brands ranging from casual to high-end selling white tank tops, it’s almost impossible to filter your options to find the best one for you. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re sharing inside information on this iconic piece.

The Best White Tank Top Options

Depending on the brand you go for, the material, style, and size of the white tank will vary. However, to help you choose, we’re narrowing down some of our top picks. Take a look at our selection below.

Re/Done Ribbed Tank Top

This Re/Done Ribbed Tank Top is favored by celebs like Bella Hadid because it hugs the body perfectly to highlight the best features and is made of the softest cotton fabric. It also elevates the look by adding a modern twist to what you may consider basic. (drhagmeyer) Whether you choose to dress it up or down, this is an all-around great go-to white tank.

Vince Crocheted Cotton Tank Top

If you want to go with the crop top trend, this Vince Crocheted Cotton Tank Top might be the one for you. It’s made with an organic cotton material that’s soft and breathable. It also sports a square neckline and slightly cropped hem that amazingly flatters any body type. So, if you want something casual for your day-to-day looks, this is a perfect choice.

Ninety Percent + NET SUSTAIN Organic Cotton-Jersey Tank

Looking for something classy and sophisticated yet approachable and easy to wear? Consider looking into the Ninety Percent + NET SUSTAIN Organic Cotton-Jersey Tank. It’s made with a certified organic material and has open armholes. What’s great about this is that it sits perfectly on your shoulder to give you a more structured and tailored appearance for when you want to look put together.

Where Do You Find the Best White Tank Tops?

NET-A-PORTER is your primary destination for all things tank top. It has a wide array of high-quality, classic, versatile, and timeless pieces that can successfully elevate your fashion to a whole new level. One thing to note, however, is that NET-A-PORTER’s white tanks are investment pieces. Meaning, you need to splurge a little when shopping here.

White Tank Top Alternatives

If you’re looking for something more affordable (somewhere between $5 to $35) that still gives you the same effect, you can check out the other options below.

Shein Ribbed Crop Top
WSLY Rivington Ribbed Cropped White Tank
Everlane Cotton Mockneck Muscle Tank

How Do You Style a Basic White Tank Top?

No matter what tank top you choose, you can dress it however you want. The classic way to style them is by pairing them with your favorite jeans. But, if you want to dress them up, you can wear them with your black slacks, matching blazer jacket, and nude heels. If you want to dress them down and go for a more sporty and casual look, you can pair them with cycling shorts and your favorite sneakers.

From one style to another, there are literally no boundaries when it comes to styling a basic top. So, be free to experiment and express yourself the way you want to with these versatile and timeless pieces.


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