Are You Troubled By Weight? Let CoolSculpting Freeze It Away!

Are You Troubled By Weight? Let CoolSculpting Freeze It Away! | Trilogy Medical Center | Murray, UT

Wouldn’t it be exquisite if you could get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat and look better? Cryolipolysis, another name for CoolSculpting, may be right for you. Even if you eat well and exercise consistently, your body can still store fat no matter how much effort you put in. There are many rationales why your body may do so, including genetics. 

But before you try out the treatment, it’s only fair on your part that you should know about it before trying the treatment. So here’s what you should know about CoolSculpting, how it works, and if it is for you. 

What Is CoolSculpting And How It Works

“CoolSculpting” refers to a fat-freezing approach that uses freezing to destroy fat cells in specific body regions resistant to other weight loss techniques.

Researchers came up with the idea of cryolipolysis due to their observations regarding what takes place in fat when it is subjected to extremely low temperatures. Skin can freeze at temperatures that are lower than those at which fat can. The cryolipolysis device will destroy your fat after it is cooled to a temperature that can be frozen. Even so, the procedure does not affect your skin or other tissues.

How It Works

Cryolipolysis is not the same as surgery, nor does it involve using needles. To treat the area of your body that your provider intends to treat, they will position a device on your body so it is sandwiched between two paddles. 

Due to the rapid rate at which the paddles cool down, your doctor will most likely leave them in place for anywhere between 35 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minutes. During this period, the procedure eliminates approximately 20–25 percent of the fat cells in the area that is being targeted.

You won’t see the full effects of it for a few months, but you should start noticing some changes in just a few weeks. During this time, your immune system will progressively get rid of the dead fat cells in your body.

Not A Weight Loss Treatment

You absolutely must be aware that this is a treatment for reducing fat. It is not meant to replace a healthy diet and regular exercise. But, you can still expect weight loss, somewhat. 

After the fat cells in the specified area have been killed off by the freezing process, your body will eliminate them as waste. This process could take several weeks, which means that any weight loss you experience will be slow and steady. (Ultram) If you weigh yourself in the morning after your session, you’ll see no difference in your weight.

Think of Coolsculpting as a complement to practicing a caloric deficit instead of a solution to weight gains. Some fat cells remain in the body when fat is burned through diet and exercise. They have shrunk in size due to your use of the fat stored within them as fuel, but they continue to exist permanently beneath your skin. When you undergo treatment for fat removal, the fat cells are broken down and eliminated from your body, never to return.

Should You Consider CoolSculpting?

Work and family commitments can make it challenging to stick to a good healthy diet and exercise plan. It’s not always feasible to cook healthy meals while on the road for work. Sometimes, a burger from a chain restaurant seems like the only option. Your genes may also work against you, causing fat to accumulate where you’d prefer it to be thin and trim. Coolsculpting may be ideal for helping you shed fat lumps if you are frequently busy. 

Stubborn fat deposits that refuse to budge despite strict dietary and exercise regimens can have several negative consequences. Being overweight and obese are both detrimental to your health and increase your risk of developing various diseases later in life. Likewise, having a lot of fat in certain areas can make you less confident.

CoolScuplting Frequently Asked Questions

Seeing how revolutionary Coolsculpting treatment is, many people have questions about the treatment. Here are some frequently asked questions some people have about the treatment, and we will try to answer them. 

Is there any pain or discomfort?

During your CoolSculpting session, you will not feel any pain or discomfort. The treatment area will begin to numb as your skin cools with this new device. You won’t feel anything for a few minutes after the session starts. In addition, because this treatment is non-invasive, there is little to no recovery time required afterward.

When can I notice the results?

It will take approximately three weeks for the treatment to begin to show its first effects. The full results of your cryolipolysis appointment can take four to six months to appear. For example, this assumes that you are already at your ideal weight and only need one appointment to accomplish your preferred aesthetic. Two or more appointments may be necessary if you are more than 10 pounds away from your ideal weight.

How long will the results last?

Once your treatment is concluded, your body will eliminate all the dead fat cells destroyed. On the other hand, fat cells that were not eliminated by the treatment have the potential to grow and act as a repository for energy that has been stored as fat. (Stylerecap) Maintaining a healthy diet and following a consistent exercise routine will help you get the most out of your CoolSculpting treatment.


Although this treatment isn’t a magic weight-loss potion, it may be a good fit for you in the right circumstances. Once we have a good awareness of your aesthetic goals and the distribution of your body fat, we’ll be able to tell you during your initial consultation. It is the ideal treatment for those areas of stubborn fat that do not respond to a calorie deficit of any kind.

So if you are interested in wiping out some fat lumps for good, contact us and drop by our clinic, Trilogy Medical Center. We also offer medical weight loss programs if you need assistance in losing weight.


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